Did you notice that Wall Art is everywhere? 

       StrictlyPics pays close attention to detail, and we’ve noticed that Wall Art is everywhere. Did you realize that every place you visit has some form of Wall Art? Wall Art is an elegant and exciting way to convey a message. Just think; when you’re grocery shopping and unconsciously glancing at pictures of juicy fruits and fresh vegetables they encourage you to purchase healthy snacks, just as seeing pictures of succulent pastries and decadent pies temp you to make those not so healthy purchases. In banks pictures of money, piggy banks, nice homes and cars encourages thoughts of savings & investments. At hospitals vibrant photos of colorful flowers, abstract art and cartoon characters help elevate fear and instill feelings of comfort. At just about every business that you patronize we here at StrictlyPics are positive that you can recall seeing Wall Art relevant to their establishment. At schools and universities inspiring quotes and invigorating artwork fills their walls to provoke learning and exploration.
     In every single place of business, reflections of their purpose and/or mission will be displayed through Wall Art. StrictlyPics identifies Wall Art to be utilized as a statement piece, its eye candy that is showcased as subtle hints and reminders of who they are and what they stand for. It’s only natural that these reflections are carried on in our homes as well. A house is not a home until Wall Art is furnished to give the space character. If you want to set the tone of Zen and tranquility, artwork of serene waterfalls, green stalks of bamboo and smooth stones must be on full display. If you are looking to spark fun and excitement in young minds, hanging artwork reflecting playground time, toys and animals while offering bold pops of color is the way to go. The Wall Art you select to bring life & décor in your home essentially tells the unique story of your family.
     Wall Art sets the scene and puts an exclamation mark on the tone of the room. If vacationing at Myrtle Beach embracing pictures of sun-kissed beaches, ocean waves and spiraled seashells in your resort puts you in the mood for relaxation. However a family trip to Aspen Colorado may warrant a fond appreciation for artwork magnifying snow topped mountains, ski slopes and cozy fireplaces in your cabin. It is nothing short of amazing how powerful Wall Art can be; it has the power to make you feel warm and relaxed or cool and adrenalin filled.  
     StrictlyPics understands the value and beauty in Wall Art and takes pride in capturing the essence of who you are and what you stand for in both personal and professional settings. Does the natural instincts of animals both domestic and endangered summarize your statement? Maybe it’s the rustic charm of industrial structures, luxury cars or travel landmarks that best describes your brand. Were almost positive it’s the charm of classical masterpieces, roads & trails or nature’s beauty found by a trained eye that tells your story. OK no more guessing go and browse http://www.strictlypics.com and see what your statement. Please share with us at StrictlyPics what’s your favorite piece of Wall Art?


How does a photo make you feel?


  Isn’t it amazing how photos hold the power to trigger emotions? StrictlyPics takes pride on capturing those perfect moments in time for you to enjoy forever through Wall Art. Photos are little time capsules that will have you strolling down memory lane. Can you remember seeing a photo that instantly makes you smile? What about those times when a photo incites passion & desire to reach out to the one you love? Whether it’s allowing you to marvel over refined features of animals or the ability to appreciate overlooked facets of ravishing nature that surrounds you everyday, photos have a nostalgic magic that is unmatched. Pictures are mood enhancers that speak volumes without making a sound!
     Wall Art completely controls the mood of the room and of those that observe it. It dictates our state of mind and enhances both mental and physical stimulation. Have you ever had the pleasure of getting lost in a photo? Taking time to truly examine the essence of the subject, paying close attention to even the smallest of details and becoming engulfed in that moment in time is a breathtaking experience. Being brought to tears & feeling overwhelmed by exquisite beauty, gasping for air hand over heart in amazement over an angelic scene, or exhaling and feeling instantly uninhibited can all be achieved through Wall Art.
     Feeling emotions is truly a privilege and having the capability to introduce these sensations to others is a gift. StrictlyPics recognizes the mind control you could potentially have over others and we must strongly advise you to please choose wisely! We encourage you to ponder on just how magnificent this is… you can alter not only your mood but also the mood of others as well with the Wall Art you choose to display. You have the power to entice your audience to feel however you want them to feel, so if you going for joy, melancholy, enthusiasm or tranquility its totally up to you. At StrictlyPics our favorite sentiments of Wall Art is catching those moments in photos that influence immediate calm after a busy stressful day. You know that one piece of delightful photography that temporarily takes you far away from your reality.
     Come on take a quick break from the norm and escape with us. We at StrictlyPics love to travel and sightsee therefore it is our distinct pleasure to take you on a journey to see what feelings our Wall Art ignites. Click on our link http://www.strictlypics.com for your quick getaway, then afterwards please share with your travel agents here at StrictlyPics what feelings did our Wall Art spark within you.

Night out with “Stuntman” Ted Batchelor

Ted Batchelor-19
     This weekend I had the chance to hang out with the Guinness World Record holder “Stuntman” Ted Batchelor and his crew. Ted is known for setting himself on fire while walking, standing and running for over 30 years. With his experience he has also had the pleasure of entertaining the crowds by successfully setting others on fire too with great success. Ted always goes over safety rules and plans of action with the crew before a scheduled event. So, this Friday I actually witnessed Ted do a practice fire run of him running bases while on fire.
     The photo shoot from this practice event was amazing and intense. The well crafted crew scrambled as they set up the scene, stage the safety gear and yell across the field as they coordinate with each other and Ted. The professionalism of this production is quite amazing and I was truly impressed. During the final prep before ignition, Ted and a crew member filled bottles of flammable material to literally “put fuel on fire”. Sooner thereafter he was on fire. It was absolutely dark in the field until the last number on the count down was called out Three! Two! One! whoof… Man on fire. The fire ball was pitched and Ted went up in flames as he ran from base to base getting gouged with more fluid, remember that bottle I aforementioned earlier?Finally he dived on home base, where his crew quickly extinguished Ted’s fire… Safe! (Visit StrictlyPics to see photos from this event)
     Ted is very familiar with my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. In 2013 he set a new Guinness World Record for setting 21 people on fire for a duration just under a minute.  Check out the video https://youtu.be/00ghqxxl9IE and see it in action for yourself. To find out more about Ted Batchelor and upcoming events, go to www.tedbatchelor.com
     You can see photos from Friday night with Ted Batchelor @StrictlyPics. Send me your thoughts and let’s talk about it. I’m excited to here what you have to say and which photos you like the best. Also if you want to just say hi, that is perfectly fine too. Thank you for your time and for visiting http://www.StrictlyPics.com

My Hockey Experience

     Monsters vs Chicago2

     I recently had a unique opportunity to visit a Lake Erie Monsters game. I had never been to a hockey game before and I must say it was exciting! The game presented live action and entertainment the entire stay. TheCleveland fans were very supportive, the atmosphere was electrifying and full of love for the home team the Monsters.

As a photographer, you want to experience all types of photography to see what you like and how it excites you. This event  gave me an experience to shoot “Sports Photography”. Let me briefly explain to you exactly what Sports Photography is. Sports Photography is all about capturing action at it most exciting and interesting moments. For instance, freezing action on a hockey player just as he scores a goal or stopping motion on a tennis player just as she hit the ball. In both instances you can see the intensity on their faces and the determination in their goals.

I had to opportunity to shoot with several fellow photographers at the Monsters vs. Chicago game. During this time, I meet two interesting colleagues, Jim and James, who shared the same passion of photography as I do. Jim enjoys hearing the sound of the shutter and shooting any thing in his viewfinder. James started off with film photography and later ignited his passion with digital photography. All three of us had front row seats, we were up close and personal with the sounds and action of the game. We experienced seeing the puck and the players ram against the glass and heard the thunderous roars of the fans as we took part in enjoying our Sports Photography!

You can see photos from the night with the Monsters on my website StrictlyPics soon. Send me your thoughts and let’s talk about it. I’m excited to here what you have to say and which photo you like the best. Also if you want to just say hi, that is perfectly fine too. Thank you for your time and for visiting www.StrictlyPics.com

Monsters vs Chicago Monsters vs Chicago3 Monsters vs Chicago4

Why Canvas Is a Great Material for Photography Wall Art


Throughout the centuries, canvas has actually been the best choice for artists and their means of displaying their work for all to see. What examples come to your mind? The Mona Lisa, perhaps your favorite Monet, Van Gogh or even Bouguereau painting? All of them are on canvas at some of the most world-renowned museums around the world.

More recently, however, canvas art has become just as popular with photographers as their means to display their beautiful and thoughtful handiwork for homes, for offices, and for private galleries. What makes canvas a preferred method for photography wall art?

Canvas prints have always reproduced well the look of original oil or acrylic paintings, as mentioned in the previous examples. Particularly since the 1990’s, however, canvas has been very popular in interior design. Canvas is composed of either 100% cotton or a poly-canvas blend and is ideal for the reproduction of photographic images. Printing methods have come a long way even in the short period since the 1990’s. Newer printers, such as the HP Designjet z6100 and the Epson Ultra Chrome 11880, have slow print speed settings that allow the image to be printed onto the canvas without compromising the quality of the image…even in larger sizes.

Another benefit to canvas art are the framing types. A very common method of framing is gallery wrap, which stretches the canvas over the stretcher bars (aka strainer bars) normally made of pine. Since the wood does not need to be stained or treated (as it will not be visible), photography wall art is economical and a great way for the budget-conscious consumer to enjoy fine art for their home, business or gallery. However, framed art is also very classic looking and a fine option for those who prefer it.

And so it is with StrictlyPics – http://www.strictlypics.com. With so many beautiful and interesting photos to choose from, photographic artist Bobby Roberson gives you many, many photos to choose from. He continues to capture a wide array of original shots…whether they are landscapes, automobiles, animals, fine art, and black and whites…whatever your interest! Make sure and check back often, as Bobby is adding fresh new pictures to the site. How long does it take from the time you order your canvas print? The project normally takes between 5-7 business days, from the time you select your print and size to the time it arrives at your doorstep!

StrictlyPics – About the Artist, Bobby Roberson Sr



Bobby Roberson Sr


I am pretty sure that everyone has heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Have you come across that picture?  You know the one that leaves you speechless.  The one that evokes such an emotion within you that your mind can’t quite formulate a word to define what you are feeling.  It has such an effect on you that you feel trapped in that moment, not wanting to escape.

 Well, if you have never experienced this, then you must see Bobby Roberson’s photographic artwork.  His photography has the power to do just that.  Although the subject matter that he chooses to photograph are of things that we see everyday….trees, deer, buildings, cars….or showers.  However, mundane as they are, once captured by Bobby’s lens they make you stop and take notice of them.  As a Native Clevelander, the abundance of his subject matter is taken from the historic city.  In a unique way his photography possesses a sense of movement that make his pictures feel “alive”.  The play between shadows and lines, the symmetry, and the angles make the viewer feel as if they can step into the photo, becoming a permanent part of the scene.  As if they too, are walking on the beach with the couple, or as if they hear the sounds of a train in the distance.

 Bobby’s lifelong passion for photography began with taking pictures at private graduations, baby showers and social gatherings.  He continued perfecting his craft expanding his subject matter to include weddings and receptions.  His passion for capturing special moments continue to be a driving force for the high quality art he creates for his clients today.  You can find his artwork gracing the walls of homes, businesses, offices and galleries.  Over the years, the training that Bobby has received has allowed him to blend modern and classic styles that create photographic artwork that caters to the styles and personalities of his clients.

 Bobby has amassed a body of work that HE has branded as StriclyPics.  If you are looking for unique artwork that will captivate you and is more than just a picture on a wall, then visit Bobby’s webstore. On his website, www.strictlypics.com, he has six categories that his clients can choose from 1) Nature 2) Automotive 3) Art 4) Animals 5) Fine Art and 6) Black and White.  All of the photographs showcased on his website can be ordered to any size or specification.  His photography can also be printed on canvas as well.